Start with your dream. The most successful businesses and inventions were conceived by a dream and nothing more. Dreams can become realities if the right avenues are chosen. Turn your dream into potential success by creating a sound business plan. Do your homework, research for the “hot topics” dealing with your idea, and search out experts in the aspects of marketing and website design that aren’t necessarily in line with your particular strengths. If you happen to be savvy in these areas, even better!

Principle 5. Emotional Journey: People forget what you tell them, but they remember how they feel. Chris “the Kiwi”, PM’s and sales people take prospects on an emotional journey, often through stories that evoke emotional responses. This emotional journey helps prospects to feel the pain of where they are, and feel what the happiness and fulfillment will be like in their better future.

#1. Reach and find a business that has a great reputation, the right product, compensation with support and training. There are plenty of local, national or international companies to choose from.

A recent Entrepreneurial Boot Camp, which catered for the growing number of home-school youth looking for creative options for their future, faced an array of top-quality business plans for start-ups by teens. The great American dream to “Own Your Own Business” is as alive as ever.

“I think network marketing has come of age. It’s become undeniable that it’s a viable way to entrepreneurship and independence for millions of people.” –Dr. Stephen Covey from an interview in Network Marketing Lifestyle.

Currently, the Windows Store is full of free apps from Microsoft and many other partners. Once Windows 8 is open to the public, more apps will be available for purchase. The biggest benefit of the Windows Store is the ability to try apps before you buy them! After you give an app a test-run, Windows allows you to download the full version without losing your place in the app or a re-installation.

Good communicator. Yes, being an entrepreneur requires you to have excellent communication skills. Because you business idea might be new or unheard of, you must be gifted to convey what your business can offer your market.

Do not invest recklessly. Be careful. Set any extra money into some kind of interest bearing account. Via the miracle of compound interest your money will develop over time and give you the tools you need to become wealthy.

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